I was looking at my Sony MDR-1RBT Wireless NFC Stereo headphones this morning and thinking what a great pair of headphones they have been. I have been using them every day almost for well over 4 years and they have worked flawlessly. I have even dropped them a year ago and snapped one of the phones right off, but I was able to super glue it back on and it has worked perfectly ever since.

I recalled doing a review on them a few years back, but couldn’t find it anywhere, until I remembered it was on one of my expired websites OMGitsHUGE.com – The rise of the phablet. So I did what any respectable person would do and visited the WayBack Machine (Internet Archive) and found the post. Below is a screenshot of the post in all its glory. I’ve been tempted once to replace them with the Bose QuietComfort 35, but the temptation has passed. Until they stop working all together I am going to stick with them.

OMGitsHUGE Review of Sony MDR-1RBT Wireless NFC Stereo Headphones