My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 started to randomly reboot yesterday (20th April 2016). It was puzzling to say the least because I had not installed anything new and had only run some Google updates. The one or two apps that I had installed, I removed, but it made no difference. So I began to troubleshoot.

It rebooted if I did the following:

  1. Uninstalled an app or installed an app.
  2. Switched on / off WI-FI.
  3. Switched on / off data.
  4. Opened more than 3 or 4 Google Apps.

So I checked to see if there was a new version of my ROM. There was, so I did a backup, and then upgraded to the new Temasek’s unoffical Build v6.9 ROM. Sadly this made no difference. The problem persisted.

Then I checked GAPPS and noticed there was a new Open GAPPS as of the 20th April 2016. Coincidence!!!! I think not!

FYI: The one I flashed is called

It has updated a whole host of files and I am fairly confident I have found the cause of the problem.