I was recently caught speeding in the Limehouse tunnel link in London Docklands. I was doing a break neck speed of 37mph in a 30mph zone (non pedestrian by the way – it’s ***king ridiculous).

Anyway a week later I received a letter from the metropolitan poleece asking me to identify the driver of the veer-a-kal (me), and last week Friday I got another letter saying I had a choice (isn’t this country amazing):

blankPay £65 and get 3 points off my licence yeah I really want points lost over a silly speeding ticket

Pay £95 and go on a ‘Speed Awareness Course’ and lose no points. Mmm sounds like fun. 

I looked up the course on the Internet to find out exactly what it’s entails and this is what it says:

Everybody sits in one room in front of computer screens. You have to answer a selection of multiple choice questions, i.e, How many blue lights are you allowed on your vehicle at any one time?, how fast do ‘chav’ boy racers go on the A13?, how high can a car ramp over a speed hump?

You also get to watch video clips which include footage of real road accidents, where the drivers have gone over the speed limit and the impact it had on the pedestrians they hit.

There are no winners or losers, you answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Sounds like the Britishness Test. A total waste of time and money, but I will definitely go and meet my fellow speedsters.

My only comment about the whole incident, is this camera is a wasted resource, especially since there are no pedestrians in the tunnel. If I was driving through a residential area where there were kids playing in the streets (like they do) and pedestrians smoking pot and drinking on the pavement, then fine. I wouldn’t want to damage their lives anymore.