21112008811-largeSo we’ve played Guitar Hero World Tour a couple time now since I bought the game 6 days ago. A really awesome experience once everyone in the band knows their roles and plays properly.

Jo and I and Whiskey (pictured) tried out Rock Band last night and think it’s actually better than Guitar Hero World Tour. The music choice is better and the game play is a lot more exciting and rewarding, but hey, that is our opinion.

Anyway, this morning the bloody red drum refused to work from the start. Just like that it stopped working. I went online and surprise surprise, quite a few people all around the world are experiencing exactly the same problem. (Bugger!). I called GAME at Bluewater, the shop where I bought it from and they confirmed this as well. Apparently loads of people have called up with the same problem. Great I thought, so they can fix it… Alas, they don’t have any in stock. The shop representive gave me a number to call and said “Don’t worry, just call them up, explain the problem, and they will tell you where you can get a replacement”. I gave the number a ring and gave up after listening to the same repeated message “we are busy, please stay on the line“.

In that time I found a brilliant website called Good Input and they explained ‘How to fix the drums for Guitar Hero World Tour‘. Nothing ventured nothing gained I thought and decided to open my drum kit up. There are quite a bit of screws on the back, but fear not, it comes apart really easily. I found the exact problem as described on the web site. In a little under 15 minutes, we had the problem solved and the red drum is working better than ever.

Simple solution: Use an Allen Key or Hex Socket or small Phillips (crosshead) screwdriver or Torx driver bit to unscrew all the screws on the back of the drum kit. There are at least 16 screws. It’s best to remember the location of each screw because some are different lengths. Remove the cover gently watching out for the control panel, as it comes away from the kit. It’s attached by a bus cable, so be careful. Underneath the read drum, the wire that is meant to connect to the inner sensor is probably loose or just making a connection and no more, in fact for me it came off the second I touched it. I exposed abot 4mm of the wire from the sheath and used plastic tape to stick it directly onto the sensor. It’s as good as new now and there will be no need to send it back to the supplier only to wait weeks for a replacement.

Thanks to Pat and all the other people on Good Input.

[late edit] – Here is another site called Instructables detailing a fix for the drumkit problem.

Hex or Allen Key
Phillips Screw or Crosshead
Phillips Screw or Crosshead
Torx Screws
Torx Driver bits common in all screw driver sets.

One of our kind commentators mentioned that their drumkit had Torx screws securing the back cover.ย  A Torx screw has a 6-point star-shaped pattern and in that case you would need a torx driver bit to unscrew it. Below right are some examples.