Rediscover this day – 18th June 2011 – Royal Ascot.

Google Photo has this cool feature where it shows photos from yesteryear. They pop up on my phone every other day.

Rediscover this day

So I thought I would share them on my website. I have been trying to find a WordPress Plugin that can pull specific Google Photo Albums into a post and it looks like this plugin called Google Photos by Cheshire Web Solutions does the trick.

[cws_gpp_images_by_albumid theme=’carousel’ id=”6232993386167038673″]
Above was a day  back in 2011 that Jo and I spent with a few friends at Royal Ascot. We all dressed up in suitable attire and headed to Ascot. Of course it ended up as a big piss up, mostly in the car park behind a shed and then when we got to the track it pissed down with rain. It was a good day though, some of us won some cash, but most of us ended up with a headache. 🙂

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