Talk about a complete waste of time and money this trial has been for Saddam Hussein. So, he has been found guilty (as if we didn’t know that already), and to sentence him to death will only make him a martyr. They (the US army) could have executed him the day they found in the hole. It would have been a lot more simple, caused a lot less problems.

The burning question is:

 Why has George W. Bush or all the other world leaders in the fight for Weapons of Mass Distruction managed to escape the courts?

Their armies have killed many thousand innocent civilians just like Saddams did, yet they have gotten away with it. It doesn’t make sense.

In fact G.W.B. went into Iraq on a false claim that Saddam had WoMD, and yet none were ever found, and in the process he has killed tens of thousands of people, for what reason? We are certainly no safer now than before the Iraq war!