It’s almost 18 months since I got the Nokia N95, and it’s been an incredible smart phone. There was no phone that came close to it’s features, functionality, awesome camera etc, not even the new crappy iPhone 3G could match it (and they are boasting all the features the N95 had for ages as New Features on their phone – Jokers aren’t they?) Ha Ha.


Up until the 24th of July 2008 that is!    Samsung have released the INNOV8 smart phone that has everything the N95 has and a lot more and will surely beat the new Nokia N96. In fact it makes that N96 look silly. (not sure what Nokia were thinking when they made this phone).

Take a look at these features:


Double the network speed at HSDPA 7.2Mbps.
Latest OS version from Symbian.
8MP camera, with image stabilizer.
Bigger battery at 1200mAh.
An lense cover that opens and closes automatically.
16GB flash drive + SHDC up to 16GB.

Awesome features, but my one concern which they have not menioned yet is the power adapter and the USB connection. Jo has the Samsung D800 and it has a Custom USB and power adapter, not the universal USB connector. That to me is annoying. It means having to carry around the cables.

< ![endif]–> Lets hope it’s not the case.

For now this is definitely my next phone, unless Nokia release a similar phone, with similar features. This will happen, but when?