Saturday News

I spent a good part of today in the lounge setting up an early Christmas present from us.
We recently purchased the Panasonic SC-PT850EB-K Home Theatre System from John Lewis (because they gave a two year guarantee unlike other online shops, and because JL is right on our doorstep).
Ha ha, I just thought of something.

Morkels, you two year guarentee store!

If you are South African you will know what advert I am laughing about.

Anyway, they look and sound incredible on everything I have plugged into it (Xbox 360, Humax PVR, Nokia N95, DVD Player, CD Player). I spent a few hours cleaning up the cable mess I had behind the LCD, and I also decided to pack the speaker, network,  Slingbox, DVR cables underneath the carpet, because it looks a lot neater. So it meant pulling up the carpet and then putting it down again. (a pain in the ****), but it looks a damn side better now. Earlier everything was on top of the carpet, and it looked messy, and the cables were at high risk of being nibbled by Whiskey and Tamsin. (naughty buggers).

I’ll add a few photos to the photo album tomorrow of the lounge with the speakers in place.

Grrr…..Now to get the wife off the couch and out of the lounge so I can play Call of Duty 4 in full surround sound….

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