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The only driver to have won seven formula 1 titles is back (Yay!!!!). It will be fantastic to see Michael Schumacher back in a Ferrari racing Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Barrichello, and Button. He will be taking Massa’s seat while poor old Massa recovers from his horrific accident.

They [Ferrari] could not have picked a more worthy champion for the drive. It’s funny though… one wonders what they think of their current test drivers if they are not even considered for the drive. Oh well, who cares. This will certainly add some added excitement to an already awesome F1 year. The possibilities are endless.

It’s the best news in F1 this year, not that this year has been dull. Far from it, for me it’s been one of the best years in racing for a very long time. It’s unfortunate that Schummie has been drafted in on the back of Massa’s unlucky accident, but Ferrari have picked the best and most successful driver of all time who has clearly not lost his will to win.

It’s going to very interesting, especially with him being team mates with Kimi. Will the number 1 time world champion be the number 1 driver against 7 times world champion? (ha ha) Will Schumie outpace Kimi? Can Schumacher win a race?… that will throw a spanner in the works.

It will be interesting for the likes of Hamilton, Webber, Vettel and Button.

Button must be thrilled especially if Schumacher can perform the miracles he use to perform and win some races. That will really screw up Vettel and Webbers chances of catching Button. And there was Webber yesterday saying there is no way Michael would return.

I can’t wait for the next race!!!!