I got my car back from Skoda yesterday after they supposedly blew the engine. It’s going like a rocket now, well exactly the same as it was before I took it to them. (ha ha), trust me, stay well away from Skoda Sidcup… Everything they touch turns to broken.

So there I was driving back to the station when I decided to visit B&Q over at North Greenwich. I parked outside MacDonald’s and was in the shop for about 5 minutes, came back to the car and discovered some scumbag had keyed my car from the petrol cap to the front mirror.


I stood there looking at it in disbelief. I’ve only just paid off my last bit of vandalism to the car and now this… I just wonder what sort of person goes around keying cars? What is going through their peanut brains? Fortunately my car is not coated with metallic paint, because if it was it would have been a lot worse, but still it’s totally unnecessary. I just don’t understand the mentality of people who do these things.