I’ve stumbled across a few fun web sites recently. blank
Oojai (Let your mouse do the shopping!) looks refreshing, although I am sure how well it will do in the already busy market of technology. Their prices look good for Video games, and Mp3 players, and there might be a good bargain or two in the coming weeks (while they are still new). There is a new Search Engine called "Search Me". It is a visual search engine, and it works really well. There is a video demo below.

You should get Stumbleupon. It is a brilliant application that sits in your browser tool bar and whenever you click the button, it brings up a random web site or video, depending on what you have specified in your profile. For example if you are into photography, bicycles, and Macintosh computers, a mix of these web sites will appear at random. They are spam free and you get no pop ups. I came across a really funny video called "Good luck Chuck – Funny sex scenes", which if you click on the link, will take you to the video. (A bit risky for the office, hence no thumbnail but it’s wife proof ;-), but there is nothing in there that you haven’t seen already in the Simpsons or Basic Instinct). So go on and download from the the link. It’s really funny.