Someone (no names mentioned) recently put bottled water into the car window washer instead of the 50/50 windscreen wiper mix. Of course all was fine until this cold snap hit the South East of England and we have been having sub zero temperatures and rain and snow which froze the water in the pipes and in turn burned out the front window wiper fuse.

I did a search online and found a solution on the official skoda forum ( There were to 2 areas discussing ‘front wipers not working‘ and which fuse to look at in order to fix the problem. The manual that I have is all back to front, so the forum was really useful. It also seems that many people are experiencing this problem.

blown fuse

The fuse panel is on the right hand side of the dashboard and is easy to open. There is a small gap, which you can put a screw driver in to lift it up.

The Fix

The fix is to check fuse number 15 – headlight cleaning system, window wiper (a red 10 Amp fuse) first as it’s usually the fuse that has blown.

I made the mistake of checking number 41 (yellow 20 Amp fuse, which is aptly named “Front Window Wiper”, and of course it was fine. Apparently the fuse box is arranged in a strange way. So as you can see in the photo, the fuse number 15 was indeed blown or broken.

Find the answers

If you are interested in advice or want to ask a question, then look in the forums. I have included the two message areas where I found all my answers.

Message group 1 – Wipers not working
Message group 2 – Wiper possible electrical failure

NB NOTICE: Don’t take a fuse from another section of the fuse box and think you’ll replace it at a later date. This will cause immediate problems. In my case I took the fuse out from  number 4 (Interior lighting also a 10Amp fuse) and used it in number 15, but all this did was cause my car to not start (very weird but true). In fact the RAC man (Doh! I had to call them because I couldn’t figure out why the engine would not turn and I didn’t have a spare fuse to fill the gap) and it turns out that a simple fuse or no fuse in a postion where there should be a fuse can prevent the car from starting…. [superemotions file=”icon_redface.gif” title=”Redfaced / Embarassed”]