SKY SPORTS F1 is ruining my TV Formula One experience.

I use to love watching formula one on TV, but over the last few years the experience has been totally ruined by a group of commentators on SKY SPORTS F1, because they are completely biased towards Lewis Hamilton.

The three main instigators circled above (David Croft, Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby) are the worst. I use to like Brundle when he commentated with Murray Walker. The two were brilliant together. As an ex-F1 driver, Martin spoke from experience, but I think he is being poisoned by Crofty standing next to him in the commentary box and the two often go on and on about Lewis Hamilton.

Yes Hamilton happens to be the current world champion and is also British, but so what, there are four other world champions in the field, as well as some super exciting young drivers coming through, not to mention some great drivers from around the world who have been around for years racing for the title, so why can’t they talk about these drivers as well?

I like Alonso, Räikkönen, Vettel, Verstappen & Button.

Let me state right away that I am no fan of Lewis Hamilton. Yes he is a good driver, on par with some of the best ever (Schumacher, Lauda, Senna, Prost, Häkkinen, Vettel & Alonso), but he always goes over the top with his celebrations especially when he gains pole position or when he wins a race, and is a real bad sport when he is losing or things are not going his own way.  Occasionally he brings out his true colours by mentioning how poor he was as a young kid versus how his colleague grew up with silver spoon in his mouth. As if that has anything to do with driving ability. It is a real poor quality to have as a world champion.

Watching SKY F1 though, one would think there has never been an English or British formula one champion the way they go on about Hamilton. Every race weekend it is the same. One would be forgiven to think there were no other drivers or teams taking part because every conversation, introduction or interview must mention Hamilton or the Mercedes Benz team. (Could it be they have shares in Team Hamilton)?

Simon Lazenby telling us he is not biased towards Lewis Hamilton
What a load of nonsense Simon Lazenby sprouted here.

Listening to Simon Lazenby introducing the show at Singapore night race this evening, he had to start by saying, “Hamilton and Rosberg“, not Rosberg, Verstappen or Ricciardo have a fighting chance. No no no!

Even the SKY F1 producers try and brain wash us with useless facts about Mercedes. (Boring). If they are going to do this each race weekend, why not tell us what Red Bull or Ferrari are doing as well.

SKY SPORTS F1 is ruining my TV Formula One experience.

Don’t take my word for it though, have a look on Twitter against the hashtag #skyf1 and you will see I am not alone in my thoughts about these biased commentators.

This tweet sums up my thoughts entirely.

SKY, It is time for a change in commentary. I think it would be great to have a lady alongside Martin Brundle. Yes Crofty that means you need to go and Simon it is time to look for another sport that can handle your pretty boy looks. Me thinking darts!

2 thoughts on “SKY SPORTS F1 is ruining my TV Formula One experience.

  1. “but he always goes over the top with his celebrations especially when he gains pole position or when he wins a race”

    You sound like a child. That is hardly the case. Grow up.

  2. God bless you! Sky Sports has ruined the F1 experience in the US. They don’t speak English, they don’t know how to express mileage in miles per hour, they don’t know how to tell temperature in fahrenheit. It’s a total Abomination! I can understand there accents bring back NBC commentators! We need Hobbsy and the rest!

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