Don't cry for me Brazil.

Poor old Massa was pipped by 1 point just like Hamilton and Alonso last year. That must be a shit feeling. It was almost his for the taking had Glock not faulted on the 2nd last corner of the last lap. Silly man to be on the wrong tyres when there was rain coming, although had he come in for tyres like the rest of them, Hamilton would have been 4th anyhow. Oh well, Massa lost the championship many races ago. Those silly commentators kept on saying Lewis had to push, but he really didn’t.

Lucky for us we won’t be buying a Massa cap after all.

It was a very exciting race though and those that say “F1 is boring”, must be on the herb!
Nothing like a bit of rain to spice things up.

Damn, I can’t wait for F1 2009. New rules, new tyres (slicks) and I’ll be supporting Alonso, Vettel and Kimi next year.