Three days running now our £161 per month train operator (South Eastern) has been running dire services in the morning. On Monday, Jo and I stood on the platform at the usual time of 7:30am waiting for the Cannon Street / Charing Cross train to arrive. By the number of disgruntled people on the platform, it was obvious a few trains had already been delayed or cancelled.

By 8am, 6 possible train times had been delayed, but not once was there an announcement explaining why the train was delayed or cancelled. Finally at 8:13am, we are told there was a problem in Swanscombe with a broken down train, and that there was no estimate as to when the train would arrive. (lovely innit?)

Today, we caught our trains on time, but it took 15 minutes to get to Dartford, a 2 mile trip that normally takes 5 minutes. Did the idiot driver come on air and explain to the passengers what was up? (Do bears fart in the forest)?

The journey time into Charing Cross is normally 40 minutes, and today it took an hour and a half. We must have stopped about 15 times along the way and not once did the driver come on air and explain the reason for the delay or all the stoppages. The very least I was expecting was some sort of an apology (as lame as that sounds) from the driver when we arrived at the station. (Not a peep from the bastard), and even more disturbing was the lack of apology from the Charing Cross station master. Normally they say something as well. Not today.

Altnabreac train ticketI bet if I didn’t pay for my ticket I would be quickly fined, yet South Eastern Trains can get away with such poor service.