blankWe took a 5 hour drive down to Cornwall on Thursday avoiding the motorways but not the speed cameras. We were on a mission to prove that a free application ‘Speedcam‘ for various Nokia mobiles was up to the task of warning us when a speed camera was present.

Speedcam used in conjunction with Nokia Maps 2.0 or on it’s own, was more than up to the task. As it is a separate application it runs in the background using the GPS in the phone. When a camera comes in range or is at the designated GPS co-ordinates it sounds an alarm similar to a siren, which to be honest nearly caused me to have a heart attack, when I first heard it. It will definitely wake you up as well if you have nodded off. Very effective in deed.

Coming home we had a mix of motorway, A roads and B roads and again the application worked brilliantly.

BTW: There are no speed camera on the the south circular of the A25 (the road running in parallel to the M25). Not that I was speeding.

For a more detailed review of this Speed Camera Warning System called Speedcam, click on the link. My Nokia N95 is the first edition (v1) with the latest firmware update.

One thing to note. The Speedcam application is free, be it a little tricky to install but if one follows the authors instructions you’ll be fine. You also need to download a “database of speed camera locations”, which will cost you £17 for a year subscription from Pocket GPS World. Personally I think it’s money well spent considering the very minimum you are likely to be fined if caught speeding is £68 + 3 points off your licence. Also once you have paid, you are entitled to unlimited database downloads and not just for the UK camera locations. There are plenty of other countries. You can also download POI (Point of Interest) locations and there are over 318 000. (e.g. accommadation, attractions, shops, eateries, holiday destinations etc).

I would highly recommend this application. In fact if you download the software from the author, please give the guy a donation.