blankI found this brilliant application for my Nokia N95. It’s called Spodtronic – "The next generation of mobile radio". The quality is incredible, even better that the Visual Radio application offered on my Nokia N95 phone, only because it uses the internet to stream high quality audio to the phone and not the FM frequency. You need to be on a mobile package that offers unlimited data download, else you will be paying a high price for the internet usage on your phone. (T-Mobile – Web n’ Walk – Highly recommended).

blankSpodtronic is also visual, so while you are listening to songs, it will also show you the artist / band cover, their discography, and various other bits of information about the song(s) you are listening too. I see Virgin Radio are using them, which is great. There are loads of other radio stations as well and plenty of international radio stations. Click the logo above and download the program for your Nokia phone. It’s really awesome!!

Oh!, I see it also offers Podcasts, if you are into that sort of thing.

If you want to see some more images of spodtronic running on a Nokia N95, then click on the phone image to the left.