Steve Davis bt Stephen Hendry

Someone at work, (Barrett79) recently laughed at me when I said I was backing Steve Davis for the 2005 UK Championship.

Well Barrett79 I hope you are laughing now, because 48 year old Steve Davis has just beaten loser kid Stephen Hendry in a thrilling match.

At one stage Davis was 7-1 up, but Hendry hung in there and brought the scores almost level at 8-6. He had a fantastic break of 59 and then missed the black (silly boy), which left Davis having to get all the balls to win. It went right down to the last black ball, which went in with a wobble giving Steve Davis his 100th final. bet

It also means I won another bet on – These guys are going to ban me soon, after all the winnings I have taken off them in the last month. 😉

Barrett79, if you want a betting tip, you can start by listening to your wise colleague… 🙂