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Tamsin 0

R.I.P. Tamsin – 2003 – 2019

Our 16 year old Tamsin pass away tonight. We adopted Tamsin in December 2004. She was a 18 month old pedigree Tonkinese. We got her for free because the previous owner/breeder didn’t want us...


Indy is in the house.

Two weeks ago we were at the Vet visiting our cat Tamsin, who had been ill with a Gall Bladder infection, and in the cage opposite her was this cute little kitten. He was...

Whiskey 0

R.I.P. Whiskey 2006 – 2016.

Our Whiskey boy passed away today. 🙁 He was such a wonderful Tonkinese cat, so friendly and always up for a game of fetch the pipe cleaner. He used to love following us around the...