Whenever I register with a new company, be it online or in a shop, I always check or un-check the option to receive marketing emails. Yet some companies take the piss and ignore these boxes and send SPAM regardless. Takealot.com is one such company.

I wrote to them recently asking to be unsubscribed and they promptly replied telling me I had been unsubscribed from all marketing email, and yet this morning I received the following:

takealot.com SPAM

So I did what every good citizen should do…

I used the above screenshot and sent them a tweet, because a little bad publicity in the way of hash tags goes a long way. 😉

They responded within 7 minutes with the following:

And here lies the problem with this company. The left doesn’t know what the right is doing and vice versa.

What is there to make sure of? I obviously got another email else why would I be sending them a  screenshot with the marketing email attached?