As some of you may know, I have a few web sites that I have created and host from home. (take a look down the right site of the page at old sites and work in progress). Anyway I was checking my email and came accross this email addressed to my stuffonmydesk email account.

From: Sue
Date: 26-Oct-2005 01:55
Subject: Fw: BBC Interview Request – Stuffonmydesk

Just a quick email to see if anyone could do an interview piece at
12.30am on Thursday 27th (BST)?

Please confirm as a matter of urgency.


—– Original Message —–
From: Sue
Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 3:22 PM
Subject: BBC Interview Request – Stuffonmydesk

I will be producing the midnight hour of Jimmy Franks Late Show on BBC
and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire in England this week (26th-28th

I found your website and wondered if you would
be willing to have a chat with Jimmy about it around quarter past/half
past midnight (BST) on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning? It
would be a light-hearted interview and last about 10 minutes; It could
be done by phone or ISDN.

Please confirm if you would be willing to do this and if so, let me
have a contact number for you.


Sue James
BBC WM/BBC Cov & Warks