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The desk/bookshelf that S.R.W. Carpentry & Joinery Services built for Bowen.

Our previous homemade desk solution worked really well during lockdown 1 & 2 (2020). But with lockdown 3 looming on the horizon, we needed another desk solution. As good as our previous desk solution was, video conferencing in a shared room was a real problem and we needed more space.

Local is lekker during a lockdown

We commissioned a local carpenter Steve at S.R.W. Carpentry & Joinery Services in Merstham to build the desk. We found Steve on Steve had lots of great reviews and looked to have a lot of experience. We had a few initial meetings to discuss thoughts and ideas and then most of the communication was done over email. Steve was very good with his drawings, measurements and advice.

Maximising the space underneath our staircase.

The space under our staircase had become a dumping ground of sorts. Surprisingly we still had boxes full of books from our home move from 2019 sitting there in an unsightly mess.

Not the best use of the space under the staircase.

Using the horrible boxes as motivation, we drew up a rough plan of what we wanted and presented it to Steve. We wanted a combination of a desk, a cupboard and a bookshelf. The cat litter box had to stay where it was as well. Luckily behind the boxes were two wall sockets, so the power was sorted. The two light would have to move, but we had a plan for them.

Steve build everything at his workshop and then installed it with his son a few weeks later.

The desk bookshelf

And this is what Steve built for us. A desk that is useful, practical and makes the best use of the available space under the staircase. It was exactly what we asked for. Steve’s workmanship, communication and attention to detail was excellent.

The space under the staircase totally transformed with a lovely desk, bookshelf and cupboard.

Kevin Luckhurst, our local electrician in Bletchingley supplied and fitted the light and sorted out all the electrical bits. There is now enough space for all the books, games and puzzles, and all Jo’s work stuff.

We upgraded Jo’s monitor to a lovely curved Dell 34-inch panel with a built-in video camera, speakers and Microsoft Teams. Everything fits nicely on the desk. Oh, and the cat box is still in the corner under the desk.

Thanks Steve.

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