IMG_7192 (Large).JPGWe visited the Motor show at Excel in London Docklands on Thursday evening. Got in for free, which is always a nice touch. We were only there for 2 hours, but got to see all the cars in the two large halls. Obviously there was a lot more on the go outside, but it was very enjoyable none of the less.

IMG_7119 (Large).JPGI have added all the photos to our Photo Gallery.

It was interesting to see all the “Green ECO cars” this year, although none of them I would be seen dead in. (well may the new Lotus, although it was made of grass and chip board…not sure how safe that is). I think we are still a long way off from seeing normal looking cars running on Hydrogen or water or something other than petrol.

IMG_7120 (Large).JPG

I think the Motor Show in 2006 was much better than this one with more cars on show. This show seemed to be very spaced out, although I did notice a lot more racing games on show at each of the stands. Still definitely worth a visit if you love motor cars and super cars.

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