The wait is finally over. The world cup football starts this afternoon in Germany. Every football crazy fan will be waiting in anticipation for the start of the tournament. England’s first game is tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I can’t wait for the game to start. I was walking though Canary Wharf this morning on the way to work, and there were some lovely looking lasses handing out stress balls that looked like footballs. I think they will be needed tomorrow.

The England Teams last supper with Sven.

Did you see the last supper photo in the papers? David Beckham and the England football squad have been transformed in this Da Vinci Code inspired version of world famous painting – The Last Supper. The re-working of Italian master Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting was designed by a team of photoshop experts and is titled Sven’s Last Supper. – Quite clever and naughty I thought, although if you take the world cup into consideration and the fact that the Da Vinci Code movie is the BIG hype at the moment, then they have probably timed it really well, and it shouldn’t offend too many people.

Silverstone F1 GP on Sunday.

GO! GO! GO! – Yes, it’s the British Grand Prix on Sunday. Alonso is already running scared and saying Ferrari are stronger. Don’t believe the Spanish bull that comes out of his mouth. What he is really saying, is that his team are crap!  Poor Button is keeping very tight lipped and not saying anything. He knows his team are crap. Don’t forget to tune in earlier on Sunday. The race starts at 11:05am.