Ah, almost the weekend, but alas, I have to work tomorrow. ūüôĀ but it’s all for the greater good.

Last nights Euro Semi-Final between Spain and Russia was excellent! Who would have thought at the beginning of the tournament, Spain would be in the final!

blankIt’s a sad day for all Microsoft fans. The man that started it all "Bill Gates" signs off today. It’s not as if he leaves empty handed. But it is certainly the end of an era.

From someone who has done so much for the world to the opposite end of the scale. Robert ***king Mugabe is today holding elections and the people have a very difficult choice because they have only one candidate to vote for. What the people of Zimbabwe should be doing is not going to the polls. Although the whole process is pointless because he is already in power. I wish the US and the UK would stop fighting the Taliban for one day and go and drop a big bomb on Mugabe and his rebels.