Three LCD monitors are better than two

Three LCD monitors plus DisplayFusion equals efficiency

Last year I wrote a post describing how two monitors were better than one, having switched from a single 27-inch monitor to a double monitor setup. I’ve recently upped the ante and added a third LCD monitor to the mix, with a twist (literally). The third LCD is sitting vertically between my two 27 inch LCD monitors.

My latest three screen setup

Horizontal – Vertical – Horizontal LCD monitor setup

Having all these monitors creates a lot of space. I can have more things open at one time without the need to swap applications between screens. The vertical LCD is tall enough to have my Slack chat and all the channels visible, as well as a windows explorer screen below it open. It is a very good set up. Plus with the webcam sitting on the top of the vertical monitor, there is a nice angle of my face for my colleagues 😉

Customising an LCD Monitor with DisplayFusion

Windows 10 and Windows Powertoys offer up some decent screen splitting options for multiple monitors, but if you really want to customize, tweak and add a plethora of screen options or keyboard shortcuts, then you need to take a look at DisplayFusion by the Binary Fortress Team. I trialled their software for a week or two before purchasing the Pro version. Have a look at their website for more details, but here are some of the things one can do.

All the great features of DisplayFusion

Split-screen LCD Monitor and keyboard shortcuts

If you are a fanatical, efficiency freak and have a fantastic memory for shortcut keys, like me, then DisplayFusion will put a smile on your face. I am probably using about one per cent of its functions.

I really like the ability to split the screen up into multiple parts. I can also save different profiles against simple, easy to remember shortcut keys. I currently have 3 profiles set to the CTRL+Windows Key + shortcut to quickly switch between 3, 4 or 5 panels. It all depends on what I am doing at the time.

Monitor configuration in DisplayFusion
Every part of the screen can be customized, even the monitor resolution, refresh rate, colour depth, taskbars, wallpapers, screensavers etc.

Another feature I really like is the ability to customize the taskbar. Not only can I have a taskbar on each LCD monitor, but if I split the screen in half, each half can have its own taskbar and icons. I can also specify where the icons on the taskbar must be located. (left, centred or right justified). The taskbar can be moved anywhere on the screen or removed completely.

This is especially useful on a wide monitor setup. My setup is slightly wider than 49″, which is massive. I’ve got my taskbar icons concentrated towards the middle of my view, which means for monitor 1 they are right justified, on monitor 2 they are centred and on monitor 3 they are left-justified next to a search bar.

DisplayFusion is not just an LCD monitor application

Another great feature is mouse management. I can wrap my mouse left or right of the monitor edges. I can also wrap the mouse top and bottom of the edges. It so convenient and reduces mouse movements tremendously.

DisplayFusion Settings page
So many options to customize

As you can see above it is not just screen configurations, there is also audio, desktop remote control, desktop icon profiles, etc. It is a fantastic application. They also offer regular upgrades, a sign the team behind the application are very much active and improving things all the time.

If you want to read about my current desktop setup click this link: It’s upgrade time – New Desktop build, LCD, Soundbar and Standing Desk

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