Unbelievable but true! Our bus service FastTrack that runs from Dartford to Gravesend passing the brand new Ebbsfleet international railway station has decided to drop the ticket price from £2 to 80p a ticket and all travel between the new station and your bus stop will be FREE if you hold a valid Eurostar ticket, which I will be when I travel to Europe for work purposes. Having to catch the train here instead of St Pancreas or getting home in future is going to be an absolute pleasure. blank

Services begin on Monday 19 November – the fastest way to Europe:

  • Eurostar travellers offered free connecting journeys on Southeastern train services (At bloody last, South Eastern offering this is a big step forward).
  • Ebbsfleet International sits at the heart of southern England, making it the fastest way to reach mainland Europe.
  • The opening of the new French high-speed rail line TGV Est this weekend (10 June 2007) will also make Ebbsfleet a gateway to Strasbourg, with a journey time of just over five hours, and other destinations in southern Germany.
  • There will be seven trains a day from Ebbsfleet International to Paris and five a day to Brussels.

What really annoys me is the ridiculous ticket prices up until now. They have clearly made enough money, since we are getting a new train station as well, and a tunnel under the main road, which is not a bad thing but it means but I am sure we will pay for it through a massive increase in train tickets or a stealth tax in the area, you betcha!