blankDid you watch the Belgium grand prix? What did you think of the last 4 laps when it started to rain?

Oh Kimi!, What has come over the iceman? He is meant to be the best F1 driver in the world and should be able to drive in any conditions, rain or shine, but he clearly lost the plot in those last few laps. He crashed all by himself, so no blame can be put on Lewis Hamilton for that.

But, how about Hamilton cutting the corner and barely giving Kimi the position back. Backing off and going 6km/hr slower… Pa-lease…. that is hardly backing off. How much slower would he have been had he taken the corner? That is the question they should ask. I bet NOT 6km/hr. I was surprised at the time that the stewards didn’t give him a stop – go penalty, but they certainly came to their senses after the race.