I bought Toca Race Driver 3 from Play.com for £17.99 (free delivery) and received the game yesterday. It took ages to install for no apparent reason, but once the game was loaded, I can say this is the best racing simulation game I have ever played. The graphics are awesome, and I am not just saying that. I have an old PC (AMD 1.4ghz, 1gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce4 Ti with 128MB of RAM) and the game runs smoothly on the highest resolutions. There are so many cars to choose from and an abundance of race tracks from all around the world.  In fact there are 35 different styles of racing including open wheel,  Go-Kart racing, GT Racing, F1 Racing, Touring Cars, Oval Racing, Rally, Historic, and Off Road to name but a few.

The racing is fast paced, and the opponent cars are intelligent and react very well to your challenges and driving styles. The AI is better than ever as they will bumb and scrape their way past you and most times cause you to spin off the road. The car crashes are as real as it gets, with your car smashing into pieces if you hit the wall, or another car. Even the windows shatter and crack and tyres fall off if damaged. It really is an amazing game and if you like racing like I do, then you are going to love this game. I give it 10/10. I can’t wait to get home!!!! blank