I love the original TUC biscuits. They are crispy, light, salty biscuits, that are perfect for a morning or afternoon snack.

TUC Original

They use to come in a large rectangular bag (150g), which could be opened and closed easily as it had a sticky side. There were at least 28 biscuits in a bag, which is great for sharing (if you are that way inclined).  😉

Now it seems some FOOL at United Biscuits or Jacobs, has decided to take a winning formula and turn it into a disaster, by squeezing 4 measly biscuits into a small ‘TUC to GO’ bag (19g).

There are 6 packs of 4 in a bag, which in my calculations means we are losing 4 biscuits and gaining more rubbish.


Each bag is lightly wrapped in plastic, which in this day and age is ridiculous given how many companies are trying to decrease their plastic bag footprint.


But the biggest fail for this ‘TUC to GO’ pack, are the broken biscuits and crumbs one gets when opening the packaging. The bag is way to light to protect the already delicate biscuits.

In my opinion, they have ruined what was a great packet of biscuits.