So George W. Bush and his useless government are going to bail out the US economy by releasing 700 billion dollars of money that they doesn’t have. A brilliant plan and who is going to pay that money back?

blankAdd that amount to the ten trillion dollars he already owes back to the government and one starts to wonder if the US dollar should be worth anything. I always thought that in order to make or print money the country had to have the equivalent gold bullion stored somewhere like Fort Knox. Unless of course he has robbed Iraq of all their gold bullion.

It seems that Bush has a printing press in every government office and they are just printing away. Who is to say that they owe ten trillion dollars? It could be ten times more than that.

Sky News Headline: US needs $700 billion dollars to avoid disaster. The actual disaster are the fools who think this is a good idea. Rather than bailing out these companies who have been making a mockery of the banking system, the government should be locking them up for being so irresponsible with other peoples money.