Ah! Windows 10 ‘Search the web and Windows‘ appears to default to the new Edge browser and their search engine Bing. The Edge browser is a good step forward from the slow out dated Internet Explorer, but I can’t say the same thing for Bing. Personally I prefer the Google search engine for everything.

Firstly, to change the default browser to say Google Chrome or anything but Edge, one needs to visit Settings, System, Web Browser. Here you can select the browser of your choice. (Note: setting the default in the browser is not enough in Windows 10).
Set the default Web BrowserTo change Microsoft Cortana search engine to anything but Bing keep reading…

Chrometana - redirect Bing somewhere better

A clever man name Theo has written a Chrome Browser plugin that allows one to choose the default search engine to be used. The Plugin is called Chrometana and currently supports Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo redirects from all Bing Searches, even Cortana ones!