blankOVI store are currently offering a seven day trial of Sygic Mobile Maps 9 for the Nokia N900, so we thought we would give it a try out. We are driving west to Swindon today to pick up our new family member, a little expensive ball of fluff called Bailey. He is a Tonkinese kitten. So we plan to use the Nokia and Sygic Mobile Maps 9.

blankIt’s a known fact that the OVI Maps application on the N900 is not the greatest or not on par with the OVI Maps on other Nokia devices, so a company called Sygic have brought out their Mobile Maps 9 application which offers a whole plethora of GPS goodies. It is really slick and finger friendly. I just downloaded two maps from the OVI Store, one of the UK /Ireland and the other of France. That is one of the advantages of the application in that the maps are stored locally, therefore there will be no data costs to us while using Mobile Maps 9.

Another feature I can’t wait to test is the real-time traffic feeds, which are based on feeds from local road authorities, police departments and systems that track traffic flow.

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