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I purchased a Canon Powershot S2 IS not so long ago after my previous Canon S1 IS suddenly stopped working after a day at the races. The zoom button konked in for no apparent reason. The camera still works, but there is no point having a 10 x Zoom when you can’t use the zoom. ūüôĀ Anyway, I’ve been fiddling with my new camera for about 2 month now, (I still haven’t read the manual :-D) ), and I have been taking some damm fine photos if I may say so myself. You the critics can say otherwise. It’s just an incredible camera. Here are my two favorite photographs so far out of about 400 photos. They are Tamsin above, and Magic below.

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I’ve read a few articles recently on Google. It seems they may charge $5 per month for their services, which include Gmail, Google Adsense, Google Earth, Google Maps, Froogle, Picasa2 etc. The question everyone is asking: Would you pay $5 or ¬£3.50 to use Google’s amazing applications? They have got some of the best packages out there and most of them are free at the moment. For me, I would pay the $5.