What do i think of the Nokia N95?

So most of my friends and colleagues know that I have a Nokia N95, and by now they should know that there is nothing that I can find wrong with the phone (ok, I admit the battery is a bit crap), but there are ways and means of making the battery last, which I will explain in this post.  Anyway, for those of you in doubt on whether or not to get the Nokia N95, let me put you mind at ease and explain some of the advantages of the phone, and I am not talking about the massive features that you have already read about on the Nokia website. (See Technical Specifications).

  • Many hundreds of applications can be installed on this phone. – If you think of your PC and the applications you use on a daily basis, (MSN Live, Gmail, GTalk, Skype, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Chat, Facebook) to name but a few, well all of these work well on a Nokia N95.
  • The phone has a built in GPS, so you don’t have to go and buy a separate navigation kit. There are lots of third party packages that can be loaded on the phone that use the GPS e.g. Google Maps, Amaze, Nokia Maps. I’ve used them all, and they work very well. Nokia Maps even has voice commands if you can’t follow a map.
  • You can customize the phone internally with themes, and there are some great web sites out there offering free theme download. The best one though with over 50 pages of themes is MMCForums.
  • If you have a Slingbox and want to watch TV, Satellite, Cable, or recorded TV Program on your phone, you can now load Sling Player onto your Nokia N95 and watch anything, anywhere, anytime. It truly is amazing.
  • The Nokia N95 supports the SDHC memory cards, so you are not just tied down to 1GB or 2GB. I have recently purchased an 6GB SDHC card for my Nokia, and it works fine.
  • There are a lot of accessories for the Nokia N95, and not just from Nokia themselves. Here are a just a few accessories I have purchased in the past six months for my Nokia N95:
    • Sony Bluetooth Headphones (DR-BT50), which are brilliant (no more wires), and the headphones have controls on the right ear piece, so you don’t need to touch your phone in order to change the track, fast forward, stop, pause etc. It also has a built in microphone, so when you receive a call you can talk hands free. Best of all it makes use of the A2DP standard that the N95 has built in. The headphones have a 17 hour playing time and are rechargable.
    • Proporta USB Mobile Device Charge (USB Rechargeable Battery) with Car and World AC Power – This is the solution to the crap battery. It’s smaller than the phone, and can charge the Nokia 5 times. It really is brilliant, because you can take it with you anywhere you go, and you will always have juice for your phone. The adapters that came with the battery are brilliant because they are light weight, and compatible to the phone.

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