Yes, I am guilty of not blogging again… There has just been too much on the go in recent weeks, what with the Springboks winning the world cup rugby AGAIN, and World Champion 2007Kimi finally winning the F1 world championships with Ferrari, pipping those Mclaren boys (Alonso and Hamilton) by 1 point. He won the most important race of the year, and I doubt the FIA are going to take that away from him. How Mclaren can feel they deserve the race and the title is beyond me. Didn’t Kimi win more races than anyone even before the last race? (6 wins, compared to 4 wins for Alonso and Hamilton, and 3 for Massa). Staying with F1 and that final race in Brazil… wasn’t that a disaster for golden boy Lewis Hamilton? He drove so well throughout the year, and then his wheels started to fall off two races from the end. Oh! well, it’s probably best he didn’t win it this year, after all how can we be so sure his cheating team ‘Mclaren’ didn’t use some of the knowledge they gained from the Ferrari spy scandal. Have you seen this F1 headline? Sir Jackie: ‘McLaren Won’t Win Appeal As The FIA Favours Ferrari’ – Who does Sir Jackie think he is? Clearly not winning any friends from this comment. He really is full of himself.