You know the saying “When in Rome, do what the Romans do“, well the office guys and gals are all talking / thinking / breathing College Basketball as there is some big tournament starting today. There are 64 teams and they all play each other over the course of 3 weeks. It’s a knockout championship and there can only be one winner. Typically there is some form of a rivalry going on in the office in the form of a fantasy basketball competition via the CBS Sports Website. $20 to enter, 26 players in the office and $400 prize money.

When there is money to be won, those who know me, know I will enter regardless of actually knowing the sport in question. Basketball is one such sport. I have never followed it, but a chance to win $400 is worth following it for the time that I am here.

So they got this thing called a bracket on the CBS Sports website, which is a grid of all the teams, who they are playing, and it shows the winners and losers, and ultimately who will play each other in the final and it all works on points I think.


I had the computer pick my fantasy winners and losers and I changed a few of the winners to make it more personal. I looked at the names of the teams and decided who would win or lose by their names. Very scientific as you can see.

They started playing at 12pm today and after the first round of games, guess who is tied in 1st place (out of 26 fantasy basketball fanatics – ha ha ha)?