Well, we had an enjoyable Easter weekend. Didn’t get up to much. Didn’t even eat an Easter egg! (Chocolate is bad for the teeth). blank

Watched a lot of TV (Lost, Prison Break, Heist, Hard Rain, Panic Room etc), had dinner with friends on Friday night and had a BBQ (braaivleis) today, mowed the lawn and cleaned up the weeds in my garden so we have clean garden at the moment.

Aha! and helped my brother Peter with his web site (www.peteandlauren.com), we upgraded his theme and added a few nifty plugins to the page. It’s looking really good.

I was over at Forgetfoo.com and couldn’t help but notice his wonderful optical illusion on his web site. I’ve copied it and you can see it below.

Optical Illusion: If you look really carefully after a few seconds you’ll be able to see Toronto’s CN Tower in the background.
Optical Illusion

Also updated the photo album with some kitten photos. Our fast growing, naughty, energetic, mischief, sneeky, annoying (for some) kitten Whiskey has totally made our home his patch and there isn’t a space we can call our own without him bounding in and taking over.

blank blank
I tried my hand at video editing and have managed to get a 13 second video of Whiskey tearing down the stairs to eat his food. It has been nicely edited for streaming over the internet. Now that I know how to do edit and publish video clips, I’ll add a few more when I get a chance. If you are wondering what editor I used, it’s a demo by Ulead called VideoStudio. Great little package priced at $44.

If you are thinking of the horrible thought of going back to work tomorrow, scroll up and take a look at that optical illusion again. It worked for me. What is tomorrow?