I was reading Alonso’s latest comments about Schumacher.  Wow! Schummie has really rattled his cage over the years (apparently). I wonder who has already won off the track?
Next year is sure going to be fun when Kimi and Jenson start winning races and Alonso finishes 2nd or 3rd, or possibly even classed as DNF because Mclaren is such a kak car. I am going to enjoy every moment where he pounds the steering wheel in frustration because the car is so unreliable.
Being this negative is surely going to boost Schumacher confidence even more. And here we thought Alonso had a good positive head. NOT!

You notice how we’ve never heard any comments from the seven times world championship about  the 22 car penalty he received at the Monaco Grand Prix. I am puzzled as to why that was never an  issue, and didn’t Schumacher finish fifth in that race?  I do believe he even clocked the fastest lap (1:15.143).  He must have been pushing like crazy to get to that position and incredibly his car didn’t blow up.

Just think how boring this year would have been if Schumacher wasn’t there to challenge Alonso.

Fernando Alonso has come out fighting after his turbulent Italian Grand Prix weekend – declaring he is “110 per cent certain” he will beat Michael Schumacher to the world title.

Alonso you can be 1000% sure you have the title in the bag, but until you are crowned world champion for 2006, that type of talk will just make Schumacher stronger!

Alonso is a twat, plain and simple. One world championship and he has gone all bitter and twisted.

He clearly has a lot to learn about F1 and hopefully in the coming years the likes of   Button, Kubica, Barrichello and Räikkönen, can show him a thing or two about racing.

Another thought… I wonder if Alonso had a threesome with Villeneuve and Montoya at some point this year, because they all have being very outspoken about the Seven Times World Champion. They just seem to be singing from the same bed sheet song sheet.

It must be fantastic for Schummie knowing that you have worried someone so much, that they have to talk about you in public in such a vicious way. As for Villeneuve, there is nothing good about him and sadly he will never emmulate his late Great Father.

Bring on Shanghai
(1st October 2006)